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SU Sport Officer Update

Funding for Student Groups

Funding is a big source of what we are able to do here at Bath, and a large contributor towards what groups are able to provide to members. We like to fund as much as we can, to make your university experience the best possible. Unfortunately in the SU, we have lots of groups with limited funding available. Therefore I would like to introduce you to the following page: Funding for Student Groups and Individuals ( Whether you are from a sport, society, or any other group within the SU, there is funding available!

One of the main funds that all groups are eligible for is the Alumni Fund. This fund is a pot of money allocated from the University Alumni department, consisting of £20,000. We are able to allocate this money on a case by case basis. SU Staff, an Alumni representative, Exec Committee Representatives, and two officers (Myself and Zoe) are involved in the decision process. If there is something you would like to do within your group, to make a change in regards to participation, representation, try something innovative, rise to a higher standard, etc. then why not encourage your committee to apply! It is open all year round and we meet to discuss applications as they come in.

We may be able to fund the whole project, or alternatively ask you to fund a portion through fundraising, budget or alternative funding, as we would like to fund as many student group projects as possible!

We have some success stories from previous years, and please note that we are open to funding larger scale projects, as well as projects on the smaller side. Some examples from over the past few years are as follows:

  • Musicsoc - New Drum Kit - £2000
  • BAMSA - Cultural showcase - £300
  • Backstage - LED Lighting Fixtures - £6000
  • BathTime - Digital platform for publishing - £420
  • American Football - Shoulder pads and helmets - £2700
  • LGBTQ+ - History month - £150

A few of our groups have spoken out on the difference that money has made:

Space Society:

"The Alumni Fund really allowed us to expand the scope of our project and the additional funding allowed our project to be more ambitious. As ours was an engineering project this meant we could buy the best components and had the freedom of designing our Rover to win the competition, not to meet the tight budget we had before securing the Alumni Funding."

Windsurfing Club:

"...enabled us to buy equipment to satisfy both beginners and experienced members. We have invested in a trailer as well which allows us to transport the equipment from the University to the spot. The money received by the Alumni fund has allowed the club to grow and attract more members!"

Basketball Club:

"The funding allowed us to purchase high-quality basketballs that have been used for training and in BUCS competitions. During a year with no budget or funding, we were still able to acquire essential equipment that will be used for the next couple years."

Mountaineering Club:

"The beginner climbing shoes have made climbing, specifically outdoor climbing, far more accessible to our members... members do not have to buy their own, with beginner shoes typically costing £50-£75, or hire from a centre at £3-4 a time. This has reduced what can be a significant financial barrier for many new climbers in the club."

To apply - please fill out the following form in as much detail as possible and email to 

Alumni-Fund-Application-Form-20-21.docx (

I hope this gives you a better insight about what the alumni fund can be used for and will encourage you to apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with myself ( or Zoe (

I look forward to reading your applications!

Elizabeth x


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