Local Election - 2023

The elections for Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) took place in May 2023.

Our members did everything they could to help the local Conservative team to campaign, spending hours upon hours delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. 

We also supported Ronaldo Butrus, who stood for election in Oldfield Park. Ronaldo spoke to hundreds of residents about the local issues that mattered to them, learning that a significant number of residents were concerned about the introduction of a new Resident's Parking Zone (RPZ) that would set them back up to £400 a year. There were also concerns about the lack of disabled parking on Milsom Street and excessive council expenditure on the Ring of Steel, a set of bollards around the City Centre which cost the taxpayer around £10m. Though Ronaldo did not win, he contributed to making the strongest Lib-Dem seat one of their weakest by the end of the election, increasing the Conservative vote share by 38%.