We work closley with our friends in the Bath Conservative Association and help them during election campaigns both local and national elections 

James Clevery visit 

As part of the 2019 General election James Clevery (Conservative Party Chairman) came along and visited Bath, giving our members the oportunity to meet and speak with an important member of the Cabinet 

General Election 2019

We helped helping Annabel Tall in her fight to become Bath's next MP. Our members campaigned every week get Brexit done and help the party to win biggest majority since Marget Thatcher

We have ...

- Devlivered literature 

- Knocked on doors and spoke to local residents 

- Called residents 

For more information on how to get involed please contact us either through our Facebook page, by email or contact our secretary of campagins Luisa Marinozzi at or our President of society Oliver Dudley at

Local Election 2019 

We're really proud that members of the Association stood as council candidates in the May 2019 local elections including Alastair Thompson and Oliver Dudley. Getting involved is really easy and there are always people to help you out.