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What We Do

Welcome to BUCAS (Bath University Curry Appreciation Society)!

BUCAS is all about celebrating CURRY and appreciating the offerings of Bath's Curry Houses, some of the FINEST and AWARD-WINNING in the South West!!

Join over 200 like-minded Curry Enthusiasts who love to have a great time! 

We are one of the LARGEST societies on Campus, and are reputable for hosting the BEST socials!!

From BYOB Socials to Fine Dining Socials, BUCAS is here to cater for all your CURRY needs ensuring Socials are FUN and come at a great value (we know the student budget)! 

£4 Membership getting you the BEST meal deal in town AND free DISCOUNT CARDS (applicable in most Curry Houses) for all members!! 

Reasons to Join Us

  • £4 membership
  • Bring Your Own Booze curries 
  • Socials ALL year 
  • Meet new people, make friends, have fun
  • Cheap meals at award winning restaurants
  • Everyone loves curry
  • Free discount card for Members at various Curry Houses in BATH



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