What we do

Bath University Labour Society (BULS) is the home of Labour members and supporters on campus. We aim to bring together like-minded individuals from the political left and centre-left to campaign for a better future inspired by the values of democracy, equality and freedom and have a great time whilst doing it!

BULS is a centre of political education and campaigning on campus. We host interesting and passionate speakers as well as events for members to debate and discuss the issues of the day, as well as the ability to work locally and nationally on active campaigns. Want to learn more about the world we live in? Want to voice your opinion? Want to make change? BULS is the place for you!

Want to meet new friends? BULS is a great place to meet new likeminded people, with a fun and engaging social scene. We put the 'social' back in socialism!

Contact us

Feel free to drop us an email or direct message us on our Instagram or Twitter if you are interested in joining. We host meetings monthly alongside special events and regular socials.

Want to join the Labour Party?

Whilst you do not have to be a Labour Party member to join BULS, Labour is a people-powered movement and every member makes a massive difference to our ability to build a better future.

Together we are over half a million members, determined to transform Britain for the many, not the few. Together we can create real change. 

Join for only £3 per year at join.labour.org.uk