Bath Labour Party

Hosting speaker events, promoting local campaigns and rallies, and getting together to chat, debate, and generally have a mint time, Bath University Labour Club is the largest association of Labour and left-wing students on campus at the University of Bath. We also retain a close relationship with the local Bath Labour Party, collaborating on events and work together to make the biggest difference.

As the student activist movement has seen an incredible resurgence in recent years, BULC aims to be at the heart of keeping up its momentum. Whether you're an ardent Labour supporter, undecided, or entirely unsure on where you stand, you are always welcome in Labour Club. If you're eager to get politically involved, we host brilliant keynote speakers on campus alongside promoting the goings-on of the local Constituency Labour Party.

We believe Labour Club has the potential to make a real difference as it has done so successfully in the past, and we want you to be a part of it. Even if you're not yet a Party member, come along, make your voice heard, and help us create the better world we all envisage.

You can contact Bath Labour on 01225 314131 or by email at