What We Do

Bath University Maths Society (BUMS for short… lol) is the society for all maths students and any other students interested in maths! After a couple of quiet years we’ve assembled a full committee to help you get the most out of your time at uni by running various events throughout the year all with the aim of bringing students together to have fun.

Reasons to Join

  • We’ve got tonnes of plans for this year and are aiming to run some kind of event every week, whether that be a social, pub lecture, film night or something else. Check our Big BUMS Calendar in the BUMS EVENTS tab for more info!
  • BUMS is a great way to meet others on your course and make new friends. We don't mess about with Facebook, but everyone* says the WhatsApp group is the place to be. You can join it here: 
  • We are an inclusive society and always ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy

All this is only £3 as part of the societies area membership, which gives you access to all SU groups! What a steal!

*source: trust us


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