What We Do

Bath University Maths Society (BUMS for short… lol) is the perfect society for all maths students and any other students interested in maths! After a couple of quiet years, in 2022 we assembled a full committee to bring BUMS back to it's former glory and help you get the most out of your time at uni! We had a really successful year, and are back to our best ready to run a full schedule of activities in 2023/24, and beyond!


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Reasons to Join

  • We’ve got lots of plans for this year and are aiming to run some kind of event every week, whether that be a social, pub lecture, film night, or a big surprise! Check out the BUMS EVENTS tab for more info!
  • BUMS is a great way to meet others on your course and make new friends. We don't use Facebook, but everyone* says the WhatsApp community is the place to be. You can join it by clicking this link!
  • We are an inclusive society and always ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you have any recommendations for adapting an event to suit you or a friend, please reach out to us!

All this is available for anyone to join, for FREE (provided you have a societies area membership). What a steal!

*source: trust us

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