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Hello, meet the 2023/24 BUMS committee.
We are a group Maths students here to make sure your Maths Society is run smoothly this year.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas about the society you may have. We'd love to hear from you!
Use the e-mails below or


"Hey! My name is Ruth and I'm this year's chair for BUMS. I'm going into my final year of Mmath and can't wait to build on the success of BUMS last year!"

Favourite theorem: The Sylow theorems
Ruth Traynor

Secretary, Josh


"Hi everyone! I'm Cam, a 4th year student taking Mathematics and Statistics. You may know me already, as I was on the committee last year as Wellbeing Officer! I did a placement last year, so I'm happy to pass on any advice and tips. You'll quickly come to learn that I am a massive football fan and a big advocate for building a community and hosting fun events! I am proud to be your BUMS Secretary this year and we will make sure to deliver something memorable for you all."

Favourite theorem: Stigler's Law
Cameron Naylor

Treasurer, Ruth


"Hi, I'm Rebecca, a fourth-year student studying Mathematics, and I'm excited to start my role as treasurer on BUMS! I've recently come back from placement and want to make sure my final year at Bath is the best one yet and make this a memorable year for the society. I'm also involved with several other societies, my main sport being dance. I love to stay active and explore the beautiful city of Bath!"

Favourite theorem: Bayes theorem
Rebecca Tyrrell

Social Media Manager

"Hi. My name is Yuki and I am a 3rd year MMath student. I actually don't use social media that much, but I am excited to be able to promote BUMS this year, and hope we can reach a wider audience. "

Favourite theorem: Monge's theorem
Yuki Aizawa

Social Secretary

"Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a 4th year student just coming back from placement. I'm a big football and F1 fan and a proud Welshman! Looking forward to being the BUMS Social Sec this year and getting some top-class events going for you all!"

Favourite theorem: The Quadratic Equation
Matthew Hall

Academic Co-ordinator

"Hi I'm Braley and I'm the academic coordinator for BUMS. I've joined the BUMS team quite late but I'm excited to give you all the pub lectures and other mathsy events you deserve!"

Favourite theorem: The Strong Law of Large Numbers
Braley McCoy            

You? Everyone is considered!




The BUMS Chair

The Chair is the glue of the society and is responsible for the direction the society takes. The Chair must be aware of all important dates that are coming up and make sure that someone is preparing everything that needs to be done. It’s a lot of work and sometimes frustrating, but the outcome is worth the effort!


The Treasurer is the money person. Most of the time though, they budget so that we can do all the things for the society that we have planned without going in the red! The Treasurer is great with numbers, good at keeping on top of things, and keeps up to date with who is doing and spending what. Buy low, sell high!

The BUMS Secretary

The Secretary is often the person who you will receive correspondence from. They record all of the committee meeting minutes, develop the BUMS Notion Workspace in a way that preserves it for future use, keep track of action items, maintain records and documents, and write to members and other organisations with news and updates. This role suits someone who is highly organised, self-motivated, and great at communication.

Social Media Manager

In an online world, having a social media manager in addition to a social secretary eases the burden. The SMM is responsible for all social media interactions. You can count on them for speedier responses to more general queries, and they are the ones to push our amazing events into the limelight. If you know the elusive Insta-algorithms, we know you'll be perfect for this role!

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is the life and soul of the party! They are the ones that plan and organise our events (usually socials) and ensure that we are all having a good time at them! Responsible for ensuring socials/events are held on a regular basis and planned well in advance. This will involve you working closely with the rest of the BUMS committee. As well as liaising with the SU and filling in the relevant paperwork for events. Our goal for BUMS is to develop a positive and inclusive culture within the society where all our members feel valued, included, and respected. As social sec your work will be vital in achieving this.

Outreach Lead

(NEW for 23/24)

A well-being officer should be so much more than a failsafe. We aren't about virtue signaling and our Outreach Lead combines a wellbeing role with an inclusivity role, to help maintain the natural diversity of BUMS and actively monitor any potential incidents of discrimination, abuse, and general ****head behavior! You will listen to the needs of our members and ensure our events promote diversity and SU values. You will also advertise volunteering opportunities, help freshers settle into university, and expand the BUMS community! You may also liaise with societies representing minority groups to collaborate with and promote events. It's a rewarding role with lots of work but a high payoff.

Academic Co-Ordinator

(NEW for 23/24)

Putting the "M" in "BUMS"! You will be in charge of organising maths-based events, such as pub lectures, with advertisement help from the social media manager. You will be the contact point for lecturers for events and students for feedback. You may even host ‘study calls’ to discuss revision in groups. Really, you will be responsible for bringing interesting topics and opportunities to our amazing membership!

Sports Captain

(NEW for 23/24)
With support from other committee members, you will be the face of sport in BUMS, founding and managing two sports teams across men's and women’s categories. You will be assisted with advertising, budgeting, and branding, and will be expected to grow the clubs by challenging other teams and societies, negotiating sponsorships, and coaching or hiring coaches to lead training sessions.