BUMUN UNYSA-UK Affiliation



BUMUN is an official branch of UNYSA-UK, United Nations Youth and Students Association - United Kingdom. Currently, BUMUN is also represented at the Youth Council of UNYSA by BUMUN Deputy Secretary-General Hao Chen, who is one of the two UNYSA Campaigns and Policy Officers for 2009/2010.


UNYSA-UK is the youth wing of the United Nations Association of the UK. Operating across the UK, we work to further the aims and ideals of the United Nations. UNYSA-UK aims to build a greater role for young people in global governance and to ensure that the UN hears what young people have to say!

UNYSA members are actively involved in campaigning about global issues, raising awareness about the role of the UN, lobbying the government on key international concerns and educating young people about UN ideals and issues. Members are committed volunteers who act on the basis of goodwill.


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Source of UNYSA-UK Logo: http://www.una-uk.org/youth/index.html

Source of text in italics: http://www.una.org.uk/youth/