The cheapest way for students to purchase First Bus tickets is through the mTicket option on the First Bus App. 

For more information on Bath Uni Bus services visit 

The SU lobbies the University who work closely with service providers to ensure they are offering the best provision possible. If you do have any comments or feedback, please email the companies directly on the contacts below or comment on our Facebook page UniBusFeedback

You can also view our latest campaign work and see how together we can really make a difference. 

Bath Uni Bus email address operated by First: 
Bath Uni Bus twitter account operated by First for service updates @bathunibus


We would advise looking through the ticketing options on the First Bus App to work out which ticket or pass makes most financial sense for you and your lifestyle at University.
For example, if you live on campus, it’s unlikely you’ll need to purchase the annual pass (£329) unless you plan on going into town frequently (approx. more than 3 times per week). It’s best to work out how often you plan to go into town, and check if buying the 10 pass packs might work out as cheaper.
Similarly, if you’re unlikely to spend any University holiday time in Bath, buying the “term” passes could work out as a better option for you.