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What We Do

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance/fight/game which blends harmoniously music, dance, acrobatics and martial arts. It was created in Brazil in 17th Century by slaves coming from different regions of the African continent, as a way to escape and defend themselves from the violence of masters and slavery system. As any means of developing self-defence practices were prohibited to slaves by masters, the first capoeira practitioners played, and trained their bodies to escape and fight masters, by pretending their were dancing and challenging themselves in acrobatic movements at the rhythm of percussive instruments.

Now, in the 21st Century, capoeira is practiced by milions worldwide and has been inscribed as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO in 2014. The Capoeira Society provides to students the opportunity to explore such beautiful art, through weekly sessions aiming to enhance bodily expression and self-improvement, achieved through the meaningful interaction of artistic and creative forms such as music/percussions, dance, acrobatics and sporting/martial arts.

The trainings are based on interactive movements and sequences aiming to raise body/space awareness in practitioners, body coordination and flexibility, as well as connection/coordination with co-practitioners during the capoeira game. The trainings are tailored to all levels of experience and physical ability (complete beginners - intermediate - advanced), so everyone can pop-in anytime and receive a suitable training to start and have fun with capoeira! 

Capoeira has also a socializing aim in its practice, intrinsic in its non-competitive, group and highly interactive practice, which can be added to the further benefits students can get in terms of well-being, body awareness, exploration of various means of self-expression through the body.Check these videos on YouTube to get an idea of what we do:

Reasons to Join Us

  • We are a friendly and welcoming group which values and promotes fun and socializing aspects for members and bystanders in every session, monthly workshops and annual event!
  • We have already planned an agenda of monthly workshops aiming to explore specific elements of capoeira (i.e. acrobatics, music, samba/maculelè dances, specific capoeira styles) with masters of international relevance.
  • We are planning an annual capoeira event which will bring at the University of Bath students and capoeira teachers coming from UK and various European countries for workshops, performances and socials!