What We Do

We host loads of different events (including socials, cultural food nights, faith retreats, game nights, trips...) which are all open to everyone (whether or not Catholic, Christian or religious at all, undergrad or PhD student). Everyone's welcome any time throughout the year! :)

CathSoc Event Figure

CathSoc Membership

Membership is not compulsory to enjoy our events. You can still participate to most events, however, as a member you get discounts to ticketed events, moreover you get a chance to buy a CathSoc hoodie (ask the committee for this). Your membership will help us a great deal to organise our events (e.g. food nights etc.), it's only £5 and you'll get the value of your money back quickly!

Weekly Events:

Holy Mass - Every Sunday at 18:30 at St. John's Church.

Lectio Divina - On Mondays (as announced) at 18:30 in the ECC.

CathSoc Social Night! - On Thursdays (as announced) at 18:30 in the ECC or in the CCC.

Rosary for Peace - On Fridays (as announced) at 13:20 in the ECC.

Event Announcements & News

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CathSoc email: su-cathsoc@bath.ac.uk

Bath Catholic University Chaplain's email: catholicchaplain@bath.ac.uk (we do not currently have a chaplain)