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What We Do

CathSoc is a vibrant society open to everyone, whether you're Catholic or not, undergrad or PhD student, you're very welcome to join us! :)

We are a friendly group of students who meet often to socialise, have a meal together, participate to faith-related events... Some of the things we did recently include:

  • Cultural food nights!
  • Faith retreats.
  • Game nights, trips, and much more!


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Catholic Services on Campus

If you're not thinking to join CathSoc but are interested in Catholic services on Campus (such as Holy Mass, Confession etc.) please do not hesitate to email Father Bill O.S.M. (who is the Bath Catholic University Chaplain. See contacts below). He is very friendly and always happy to be contacted personally for any questions/issues you might have.

Holy Mass on Campus (in the ECC) is at 12:30pm during term time.

CathSoc Membership

CathSoc membership is not compulsory to enjoy our events. You can still participate to most events, however, your membership will help us with the costs for our events (e.g. food nights etc.) and will also help us fulfil our requirements as a Students' Union society.

As a member you get discounts whenever a payment is required for special events, moreover you get a chance to buy a CathSoc hoodie (ask the committee for this). Membership is only £5 and you'll get the value of your money back quickly!

CathSoc & Bath Catholic University Chaplaincy Weekly Events

Holy Mass - Every Sunday (during term time) at 12:30pm in the ECC.

Lectio Divina - On Mondays (as announced) at 18:15 in the ECC.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - On Thursdays (as announced) at 18:15 in the ECC.

Rosary for Peace - On Fridays (as announced) at 13:20 in the ECC.

CathSoc Social Night! - On Thursdays (as announced) at 18:30 in the ECC or in the CCC.

Event Announcements & News

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Bath Catholic University Chaplaincy Facebook Page

Bath Catholic University Chaplaincy Website

If you would like to receive updates by email please let us know (see contacts below). 


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