Is there anything you would change about your university experience? The Change Champions scheme gives students the opportunity to directly impact change at the University of Bath and improve your student experience through running University funded projects.

Any individual or group of students can run their own self-contained project with support from a team of staff members. Students will also be provided with specialised training and access to a Change Champions network, and hours spent on projects can be put towards the Bath Award. These projects offer a unique addition to your CV as well as the opportunity to work in partnership with specialised staff to make positive changes at the University.

Projects could be anything from running a student conference, organising a skills or employability event, to community outreach and environmentally focused initiatives. Even if you don’t have a concrete idea for a project the Change Champions team can help you to develop one!

Why Should I Get Involved?

Becoming a Learning Associate is a great opportunity to improve the experience of learning and teaching at Bath, and will open many doors as you develop many of the key skills that employers seek in top graduates.

  • Gain leadership, project management and research skills
  • Benefit from a bespoke training schedule
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Mentoring from a team of staff who will support your project
  • Unique experience for your CV
  • Special team building and reward events available during the year
  • The time put into the projects will go towards completing the Bath Award

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