What We Do

One of the youngest societies in the SU, our mission is to introduce you to the wide world of spirits and concoctions without sending you spiralling into your overdraft. We'll show you that Wetherspoons pitchers are just the tip of the iceberg. With mixology workshops, discounts and socials you will be able to learn, appreciate and create drinks of your own!

Whether you are an accomplished connoisseur; unable to tell the difference between vermouth and vodka; or simply up for a good time, come down and see us! - Check out our events page to see what is coming up!

We're not just Alcoholics!

A mocktail doesn't have to be just a glass of juice - even if you're not the drinking type, there's still something exciting for you! For every cocktail we make at our masterclasses we will also offer a non-alcoholic alternative, and all of our recipes on our instagram can be made non-alcoholic! Be At One where we host our socials also offers a range of so-called 'Nos and Lows' which are low and non-alcoholic cocktails! 


Why do we charge a membership fee?

Due to licensing laws around alcohol it is difficult for us to run events on campus, therefore all of our events will be run in bars and venues in Bath city centre, which costs much more for us. The small membership fee also allows us to get you much cheaper prices for masterclasses at some of the top cocktail bars in Bath! 


Remember to email us or message us on our instagram @bucocktail if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon!


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