What We Do

Well, we find recipes for, make, and taste cocktails. You'd already figured that out though, right? 

One of the youngest societies in the SU, our mission is to introduce you to the wide world of spirits and mixtures without sending you spiralling into your overdraft. We'll show you that Wetherspoons pitchers are just the tip of the iceberg, and it won't just be tasters either- with mixology workshops and speakers (dates tbd) you'll be able to learn new recipes and even create your own concoctions.

So, whether you're already an experienced (cocktail) drinker, or you just want to avoid the embarrassment of forcing down a £10 drink that you were sure sounded great on the menu, come down and see us! 

We're not just Alcoholics!

Even if you're not the drinking type, there's still something for you at CocSoc; we will have a selection of mocktails at each of our sessions for you to enjoy! Just take it from our Mocktail Rep. Sam Paziuk's manifesto:

"I like juice. I drink it a lot. I think I would like sharing juice. And mixing juice. Smoothies are nice, so this should be fine."


Remember to message or email us if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon!




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Mocktail Rep