Hi there, and thanks for visiting The Diversity & Support Exec’s Inclusion Guide page!

The aim of this page is to advise how groups, clubs and societies can be inclusive and accessible to ALL students. Some students, that don’t fit the ‘average student’ mould, can sometimes be exposed to feelings of exclusion, victimisation, or misunderstanding from other students, societies, clubs and staff. This is usually due to lack of awareness, or misplaced assumptions about the needs or abilities of students that may be in a minority group at university.

As you will already be aware (and can see in our short video above!), there are many diverse students at the University of Bath. We’d like to encourage all students and staff to be inclusive of those outside of their own abilities, interests, personal preferences, and circle of friends & peers. Together, we can work towards better inclusion and avoid (usually inadvertent) exclusion of people that don’t fit into the ‘majority’ category.

To help with this, we have produced an Inclusion Guide

A quick-reference guide, to use in conjunction with the Inclusion Guide, is also available. This handy leaflet is designed for you to print out and refer to quickly and easily.

‘A Typical Student’

As the above video demonstrates, there is no ‘typical student’! Using #typicalstudentbath, share your pictures of how your group/club/society endeavors to be inclusive for all students on Twitter!


The University of Bath Students’ Union Diversity & Support Exec Committee gratefully acknowledges the help and contributions of the following:

  • Enable - for any student with a disability or medical condition which affects your physical or mental health, or a learning support need
  • Erasmus and Exchange - to provide support and help to students visiting Bath form abroad
  • Gender Equality - to discuss and represent gender equality issues
  • Global Group - to promote the integration of International students and Home students
  • LGBT - for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans students
  • International Student Association - all international students at the University of Bath
  • Mature Students - for any student who is over the age of 21 when they begin their studies at the University of Bath
  • Race Equality - to discuss and represent race equality issues
  • Student Parents - for any student parent or students with caring responsibilities
  • The Postgraduate Association – representing over 4000 postgraduates

All members and representatives of the University of Bath Student’ Union Diversity & Support Exec Committee, who have contributed to and produced this Guide.