Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre delivers academic skills programmes to: future students preparing for university through their Pre-sessional programme and to current students through their In-sessional programme. They also offer general English courses in the summer, and teacher training courses.

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Advice and Support Centre

The Advice and Support Centre offers confidential and non-judgemental support, representation, advice and information to make sure you get all the support and guidance you need whilst a student at the University of Bath. They offer a wide range of services including free legal advice and sexual health products at cost price.

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Careers Advisory Service

You can book an appointment with a Careers Advisor who can help you with your future career plan. They also provide up to date literature on various career options.

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The Chaplaincy is both a place and a team of people. They are there for people of all faiths or none to offer counsel, advice or just a listening ear. Feel free to pop in any time.

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Department Support

Remember that your department can offer you a lot of support - Personal Tutors, Director of Studies, Placement Officers etc. These are all valuable sources of support.

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Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Enterprise Bath is there to help. From inspiring speakers to innovative workshops and exciting competitions, access their mentor network and build your business skills with them.

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International Student Advice Team

International Student Advisers support all international students during their stay at Bath. Drop-in and see them for advice or guidance.

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International Students' Association (ISA)

The International Students' Association (ISA) represents the views of international students, and aims to improve the experience of being an international student at Bath. The ISA is free to join - if you are the citizen of any country other than the UK (EU or non-EU), you will automatically become a member of the ISA!

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Joblink is a service that helps students look for jobs for term and vacation time. They advertise vacancies for university departments and local/national employers for jobs on campus and in the surrounding area. They can also provide advice and information on a range of employment related issues such as such as employment law, Working Time Regulations for students, minimum wage requirements and tax and national insurance issues.

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MASH is the institutional mathematics resources centre which can offer help with maths and stats problems for all students at the University of Bath. MASH offers: Drop-in help for individuals with any mathematics or statistics problem in the base room 1W3, one to one sessions for help with statistics problems and a variety of online resources.

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Nightline is a confidential, information, listening, and support service, run by students for students. They are there for students to talk to, in total confidence, about anything they want to, as trivial or as serious an issue as you want. From relationship troubles to homesickness, arguments with housemates to course problems, or simply information and phone numbers, no problem too big or too small!

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Skills Training

Skills Training provides free* training sessions for all students across a range of skills categories. Training sessions are delivered by external organisations, University staff and specially recruited student trainers. They work with some of the largest blue chip companies in the UK (PwC, Deloitte, Accenture), as well as local businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people, mix with different groups of students, and make life-long friends and memories. Whether taking up a new hobby, continuing and old one or even just trying to find out more about someone else’s culture.

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Student Accommodation Services

Student Accommodation Services is there to help you make the most of your time as a resident in University halls. They provide 3,300 bedrooms for students, and make sure residences are safe, secure places to study and enjoy student life.

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Student Disability Advice

Student Disability Advice support students with a range of needs including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorders/Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, Mental health, Mobility impairments, Sensory impairments and Unseen disabilities like Epilepsy/HIV/AIDS/Chronic Fatigue. If you're a disabled student studying at Bath or a prospective student thinking about studying at Bath, please do not hesitate to contact them.

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Student Funding Advice

Student Funding Advice offer 1:1 confidential appointments with a Student Funding Adviser and information, advice and guidance on: funding for full time students, funding for part time students, the Access to Learning Fund (UK students), University Hardship Fund (EU & International students), budgeting and money management, additional funding; trusts and charities, welfare benefits; student entitlement to benefits and council tax; issues for students.

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Student Health and Well-Being

The Student Health and Well-Being Team aims to enhance and support your experience as a student at the University of Bath. Counsellors and Mental Health Workers offer free confidential support to students.

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University Dental Centre

The practice offers a wide range of treatment under the NHS this includes fillings, crowns, removal of wisdom teeth. There are some treatments they do not offer under the NHS which are available privately such as mouth guards, bridges and white fillings in back teeth. The practice does not have a hygienist all hygiene services are carried out by the dentist.

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University Medical Centre

The Medical Practice offers a full range of NHS Services to their patients. Students may register with the practice if your home or term-time address is within their catchment area.

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Volunteering organise a range of projects, from fundraising events and conservation work, to Christmas parties for local children that you can get involved with. Many voluntary community projects rely heavily on the support of Bath University student volunteers to carry out their work, so when students do give their time to an event or cause, their input is truly valued. The Volunteering Office can support you with finding a volunteer placement or with putting your own unique ideas into practice.

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