Event: Housemate Finder Mixer

Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 3pm - 4pm

East Marquee

Still looking for housemates? You are not alone! Come along to our in-person mixer to meet other students.

This session will be fairly relaxed. You will have the opportunity to talk to others in the marquee and get to know eachother.

COVID restrictions - The East Marquee has open sides, making it an "outdoor venue". We will limit this session to 30 people so you can move freely around the marquee and speak to everyone. You will not need to wear a mask during the event.

These events are open to ALL students at the University of Bath. We are running virtual versions of this event if you are not currently in Bath or would prefer to attend online.

Sign up now

Due to COVID restrictions, sign ups for the in-person event will be limited to 30. Every person must sign up in advance.



How many events can I attend? As many as you like. We have offered a range of times and dates to give flexible options. 

How many people do I need in my group? Bath has a range of property sizes but to give yourself the most choice we would recommend groups of 4-5. 

I'm already in a group of 3 looking for one more. Can we attend together? Yes. Make sure you tell ostudents you speak to that you are already in a group.

I've already found a property and need another person. You can still attend. Just make sure you let people know you already have these plans in place. They may want to live in a specific area of Bath which may not match with your property.

I'm going on a 6 month placement so need a room for half a year. Will I find a group to join? This event will mainly involve students looking for full year contracts.

You can find more information and advice on housing here.

If you have any questions about this event, please email hallreps@bath.ac.uk

Housemate Finder Mixer