Event: Take a Break: Movement for the Moment w/Xanthe Kween

Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 5pm - 7pm

Art Studio @ The Edge

Focus your mind and unwind with this relaxed movement workshop! Comfortable clothing ideal for moving in recommended!

The way we move can have a profound effect on our mental health, but this is often overlooked. In this experience learn how to express your emotions with movement and feel all the more empowered for it. Drag performer Xanthe Kween will show you the ropes in this workshop. 

Xanthe's solid background in physical theatre and dance will leave you in fine hands. This workshop is open to anyone - get experimental, reconnect with your body and see wherever this takes you. What to expect: - A short warm-up incorporating elements of emotional control, pacing, spatial awareness and safety tips   - An introduction to physical theatre and its relationship with dance. Xanthe will explore this power balance and the emotional aspects of each - Learn about sign techniques, the zero gravity method, pacing and breathwork. Apply these techniques to a section from your favourite song - An improv and free writing session will follow with a short break in between - Turn whatever words come into your head into movements with intention behind them - Xanthe will give guidance on how to explore another subject using specific performance techniques - Learn how to express emotions through your movement with varying intensity You'll finish with a funny physical theatre game to lighten the mood. Xanthe will share some final thoughts on how movement can improve our mental wellbeing and hand out movement diaries for everyone that week. This is just the start of something new! Celebrate reconnecting with your authentic self.