Event: Rescheduled International Women's Day Panel: Celebrating Being Women

Wednesday 29 March 2023 at 12:15pm - 1:15pm

CB 5.8

Come and join us to hear about the experiences of a diverse range of women within the University. Refreshments will be provided and there will be an opportunity for a Q&A and networking. Please get your tickets quick to ensure your place!

Meet our Speakers!

Fran Amery

Fran is a senior lecturer in Politics and also Vice President of the University of Bath branch of the University and College Union. She will speak about the labour movement history of IWD and why the fight for gender equality cannot be separated from the fight for labour rights.

Tamsin Starling

My name is Tamsin Starling and I'm in my final year studying Politics. I am thinking of going into the diversity and inclusion/HR field. I will mainly be talking about my experience of working with staff at the university to provide a student voice and perspective on the 'Be The Change' Campaign. In particular, we have worked on improving the university's response to sexual harassment and assault incidences.

Nadine Guerfi

I am Nadine, a second year BSc Politics with Economics student at the University of Bath, Chair of Bath Model United Nations, and Team Leader at the Climate Action Bath. I will be talking about the role of women in society with the example of the Independence War in Algeria, and the role of women in the Global South.

Ulla Alekse

I am a 3rd year of Politics and International Relations student, and I also work full-time at The Ivy in Tower Bridge as a head of the department (Reception Manager). I will be speaking about my experience as a woman in hospitality, as I have been born and raised in the industry and I do feel my gender impacts the way guests and staff alike interact with me and my reception team




Trigger warning: there will be discussion of sexual harassment and assault.

Please note: We are excited to have lots of different voices in the room. This is an inclusive space, and whilst we are here to ask and engage with pressing and diverse conversation, disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.