Event: Salsa Beginner's Workshop

On Sunday 27 September 2020 at 1pm - 2pm

Location: Edge Marquee

Learn some new moves while dancing to Salsa and Reggaeton favourites! No previous experience needed!

Hola freshers! Get ready for an hour of socially distanced but super fun salsa! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro salsero, come join the Salsa Soc, warm up on some fire reggaeton tunes and then learn some cool footwork, taught by two of our Salsa Society members, Helio and Alex. Salsa is a latin dance originating from a mix of South American countries but now it has come to Bath and has brought its spice with it. Join us for a fun time and bring your friends! Please wear your masks. Hand sanitizer along with a designated place for each dancer will be provided.