Event: Intro to Student Media Webinar

On Thursday 24 September 2020 at 11am - noon

Location: Microsoft Teams

Meet our Student Media team and find out how you can get involved with Bath Time Magazine, University Radio Bath and CampusTV this year!

Hear from the station managers and editors of the Student Media group in this webinar, where they'll share how they can help you develop your writing, presenting and video editing skills across your time at University, while also publishing this content and being part of the friendly media community.

The session will be opened by the Media Officer, Glen, who will run through what you can gain from joining the media team and community, as well as what the group has achieved together in the past, where they've worked on huge projects such as the new Live from the Bath stream, coverage of Varsity (the SU's largest sporting event), and our Summer Ball livestreams.

URB Station Manager, Rose, will then walk through how you can get involved in the radio station. Members can present their own shows, DJ at campus and city events or support the technical running of the radio, all with the support of their well clued-up committee. Previous shows have covered everything from sport to Spain, and breakfast deals to drum & bass. 

Covering Bath Time, the Editor in Chief, Darcey, will walk you through the different sections of the magazine. She'll discuss how you can get involved in writing about your favourite theatres and gigs, investigating campus scandals, or exploring new trends and topics before publishing your work with their editorial team.

Switching focus to CampusTV, their Station Manager, Antigoni, will explain how you can learn how to edit feature length films, create your own vlogs and music videos, or create a quality TikTok with their team of editors and producers. By signing up, you'll also be able to get involved with producing livestreams and experimenting with professional cameras and kit. 


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