Event: Welcome to Amnesty- Join the Fight for Human Rights Webinar

On Thursday 24 September 2020 at 2pm - 3pm

Location: Microsoft Teams

Hello everyone!!! We have organised a quick talk for you all to share what Amnesty is about! Amnesty International is a global organisation that aims to fight for human rights. We in Bath are trying to do the same! Everyone is welcome.

Hello everyone! On Thursday the 24th at 14:00 we have put on a small talk for you all- to let you know what Amnesty is, what it does and how we within the university try to do our bit too! Even if you have no idea what Amnesty is, please join us to find out more and to see if this is the society for you! We would love to meet you all and share with you what we hope to do and achieve this year! Now more than ever, given the current climate, it is imperative we fight for human rights together in a world where team work is a must!

We urge everyone with a want and a will to bring positive change to think about joining Amnesty! Whether you’re a letter writer, a protestor, a radio talker, an article writer, a petition creator, an artist, an actor, or anything else we would love to meet you and see how you can form part of our inclusive team! Not only will Amnesty bring change within the university and beyond but it will be a social hub for likeminded individuals to share ideas and come together!

We will introduce our fab new committee members: Clara, Kenza, Katherine, Anna and Charlotte.

And this is how the webinar will run:

  • Kenza will start us off by explaining what Amnesty International is as an organisation, what it hopes to achieve and how it makes it’s aims possible! Kenza explains that we are an open society ready to listen to new ideas on campaigns.
  • Next Katherine describes what Amnesty International has achieved within it’s organisation and what changes it has brought within the world. Katherine also notes what we as Amnesty within Bath university have achieved and how we aim to do even more this year!
  • Charlotte will then tell us what Amnesty’s main focuses are this year and will explain how these relate to us at the university of Bath and how we can act on them within our society.
  • Clara will then focus on what areas within the university of Bath we are passionate in fighting for. Our main areas of focus this year are refugee scholarships, the black lives matter movement, the sexual harassment campaign, the climate emergency, homelessness, the crisis in Yemen and many more! If we don’t mention an area that you are passionate to act on, let us know! We are always open to new ideas and suggestions so get your voices heard!
  • Finally, Anna will finish by outlining our aims for Amnesty this coming year- what we hope to achieve and how we will do this.

We will close the webinar by asking if there are any questions or suggestions at this point. If people do not want to voice them here they are welcome to get in touch by our social media accounts or email. We would love for everyone to follow our accounts to keep up to date on the work we will do:

  • Instagram- bathuniamnesty
  • Facebook page- University of Bath Amnesty International
  • Email- su-amnesty@bath.ac.uk

Our meetings will be held every Tuesday from 18:00-19:00. We aim to hold a social once a month so look out on our social media accounts and check emails for these! We are so excited to work with you all and bring positive change into our university, surrounding area and all over the world.

Please join our meeting next Tuesday 18:00-19:00. We will post on our social media accounts and email as to whether this will be a face to face meeting or virtual!