What we do

Meet BEN! Our group welcomes hundreds of exchange students from around the world every year and inspires many Bath students to go abroad too!

Exchange students

BEN welcomes you and introduces you to Bath and life at our vibrant university! Through unforgettable events, activities and trips we help you meet other students and form great friendships. We are here to help you adjust to this new experience and support you throughout, whilst creating great memories on the way – join us at our events now!  

 Students based in Bath

Are you interested in other cultures and languages? Are you thinking of going on exchange during your placement year? Or do you simply want to make new friends from around the world? Whatever it is, BEN welcomes all University of Bath students to join us and the exchange students in the adventure that is going on exchange! 

Our Committee

Meet our committee members! All of us have spent one incredible year abroad this past year...

Chair - Lived in Santiago de Chile for a year. Became a pro at hitchhiking, couch-surfing and finding offers on flights! - Florence Bares 

Events & Campaigns Rep - Organised countless events during my placement in the wonderful Quito, Ecuador - Emma Kébaili

Publicity Rep - Took a total of 4367 photos and 368 videos during my 4-month exchange in Montreal, Canada - Maria Griggs

Treasurer - Experienced the corporate world during an eventful year abroad in Paris - Maxi Lampert

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions that you may have via Facebook or email su-ben@bath.ac.uk.

Learn more about our aims and values by reading Our Constitution