Welcome to the University of Bath's European Affairs Society!

We are a new society aiming to educate and bring together like-minded students with a passion for European affairs and politics.

Whether you come from a country in the EU or not - our society is open to all! Regardless of nationality or subject area, everyone is welcome to join.


What can you expect?

Socials: You can look forward to regular socials ranging from themed pub trips and club nights to sports and even Eurovision watch-alongs! Come along to meet like-minded students, make some new friends or just as an excuse for a couple pints! Make sure to follow and keep an eye on our Instagram page where we'll keep you up to date with any upcoming society events.

Talks: We hope to bring in a number of guest speakers from the EU bubble and beyond to speak to us about current issues, their experiences and more. If you have contact with someone you think would be a great guest speaker do not hesitate to let us know! Drop us an email at su-europeanaffairssoc@bath.ac.uk.

Debates: Do you have a strong opinion on the current issues going on in Europe right now? Or do you just love having a good old debate? The society will also provide a space for discussions and debates on some of the most contentious events happening across the continent right now. Again, drop us a message if you have a specific issue you think should be on the debate agenda!

Don't forget to follow our Instagram page for any updates on upcoming socials, events and more! 


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