Event: Run for Refugees!

Monday 05 April 2021 at midnight - midnight

Grab your trainers and help us collectively run and walk for refugees!

To symbolise different jouneys refugees may take, we will be undertaking a collective walk/run of milestone distances to fundraise for the charity STAR (Student Action for Refugees). We have set up multiple targets for us to reach:

Target 1: 22 miles (length of the Channel)

Target 2: 72 miles (Damascus to Beirut)

Target 3: 108 miles (Calais to London)

Target 4: 160 miles (Tunis to Sicily)

Target 5: 285 miles (Paris to London)

Target 6: 555 miles (Izmir to Dubrovnik)

Get involved by joining our Strava club here and track your distances to contribute to the challenge! Donate (if you can!) via our fundraising page here and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

Organised by: Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees)