Event: Spring Cup + Celebrity Charity Cup

Monday 22 April 2024 at noon - 2pm

Chancellor's Green

Join us outdoors by Chancellor's for this double event happening simultaneously! The Spring Cup is a knockout tournament with the 16 best chess talents at uni. The Charity Celebrity Cup is a team event with SU Officers, Society Chairs and Lecturers.

Spring Cup Line-Up

  1. Matthew Dishman
  2. Michael Chiu
  3. James Golding
  4. Kas Coman
  5. Lucy Buckley
  6. Daniel Harman
  7. Rishabh shukla
  8. Adal Chang
  9. Omkar Pattanshetty
  10. Thomas Kershaw
  11. Thomas Crawley-Boevey
  12. Usama Irfan
  13. TBD - qualifier
  14. TBD - qualifier
  15. TBD - qualifier
  16. TBD - qualifier


Charity Celebrity Line-Up

Team A: 
- Oliver Coles- Chair Poker Society
- ?Charlotte Barker- Chair BUST Society
- ?Shivohum Loyalka- Chair Indian Society
- ?Magnus Green - Co-Chair BULU Society.

Team B: 
- Amber Snary- SU Education Officer
- ?Hanna Hajzer- SU Community Officer
- ?Olivia Warner- Future SU Sports Officer
- ?Dinos Zachariades- Final Year Economics Academic Rep

Team C:
- Jimena Alamo- SU President
- ?David Lam- SU Activities Officer
- ?Abbie Watkin- SU Sports Officer
- ?Harini Anand - Co-Chair BULU Society

Team D: 
- David Moon- Senior Lecturer in Politics 
- ?Cristina Lafuente Martinez- Lecturer in Economics 
- ?Waleed Ali- Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences 
- ?Wali Aslam - Senior Lecturer in Politics and IR
- Ian Fairholm - Lecturer in Psychology

Spring Cup + Celebrity Charity Cup

Organised by: Chess Society (ChessSoc)