Event: Fencing Theory Session

Tuesday 20 October 2020 at 7pm - 8pm

Microsoft Teams

Learn about swordfighting without having to leave your room or break a sweat! Each week at this virtual session we cover a different aspect of fencing with a co-host, minigames and more. Hosted by Novice & Virtual Coordinator, Emil.

Come one and all to the incredible, virtual Fencing Theory session, hosted by Novice & Virtual Coordinator, Emil! He has spent a shameful number of hours preparing presentations covering all things fencing that don't involve having to gear up or exercise...
But fear not! These are not going to be like a boring lecture as the name implies. With guest co-hosts, minigames and open discussions, these will instead be a bit of fun for all the family!
These sessions are open to all, from beginner to advanced, with no signup required - just join our Microsoft Teams group, join the meeting on the events channel, and enjoy the show!
Fencing Theory Session

Organised by: Fencing