Event: Juggling and circus

On Friday 14 December 2018 at 2pm - 5pm

Location: fine arts studio (the edge)

juggling and stuff. everyone welcome. Drop in as long as you like

I saw a clown on campus today, they held the door open for me. I thought to myself 'thats a nice jester'.


I write one of these every time and only one person has ever probably read them. I could write anything here and who'd know....

At midnight we revolt. We shall take down the university, the su, everything. Once we tear down the campus we replace it with the biggest big top possible. All lectures will be replaced with juggling shows and compulsary circus lessons. They will thank us once brexit happens and clowns become the UKs only possible export. At least ours will be funny and not pretending to run the country. 

P.S Satire

P.P.S that p.s was just in case anyone read it and took this seriously, so I'm covered there. I still mean it though.

Organised by: Gravity Vomit (Juggling & Circus Skills)