What We Do

The University of Bath Filipino Society aims to celebrate and promote the Filipino culture whilst educating fellow Filipinos and Non-Filipinos alike about the rich heritage, history and values of our proud Nation. As a society, we hope to create an inclusive, friendly environment through running events such as: 

- Filipino Socials and Game Nights 

- Karaoke Nights 

- Sports and Video Game Tournaments 

- Filipino Food and Cooking Events 

- Themed events based on Filipino holidays 

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Reasons to Join Us

- If you are looking to learn more about Filipino culture and history. We're an inclusive society so anybody willing to educate themselves about the Philippines is always welcome to join us! 

- If you like singing Karaoke and eating great food! Filipinos are well known for their Karaoke parties and their obsession with the delicious Filipino cuisine. If you want to join casually for a great time, Filipino style, we'll be very happy to have you. 

- If you have any connection to the Philippine Islands! If you have Filipino heritage or have ever lived in the Philippines before we would love for you to join the society. 


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