What We Do

Bienvenue à la Bath University French Society! 


Whether you're studying French as part of your degree, enjoy the language and culture, or are just looking for some good food, wine and like-minded friends, there's something you'll enjoy at the French Soc.

With already an abundance of great events planned for the year ahead we are reaching out to you to join us in celebrating these festivities.  Come along to the 2019/20 French Societie's exciting events and socials. Dabble in the boisterous heat of the Bath Nightlife or enjoy a French movie in the company of your friends. For those of you who are active and are prepared to represent the French Soc in various sports, grab your gear and get ready to rumble! And this is only the beginning!

We are the French Society and together, we are confident that we will unite and acheive but above all relish this unforgettable year ahead.  

If you have questions, problems, suggestions or something to tell us, n'hésitez pas to get in touch.

Find out more on our Facebook and watch out for our latest posts on Insta

Bisous! x


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