Useful Information


The information below will ensure that you arrived well prepared for university and are ready to make the most of your Freshers' Week.


  • Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram
  • Join our Facebook group and meet other Freshers
  • Complete Registration On-Line (ROL) and your account will be automatically set up within 2 hours (the University will contact you by email once ROL is open for your course, this should normally start happening from 3 September)
  • Buy your Wristband - there are limited numbers so be quick!
  • Have a look around and find out everything your Students’ Union has to offer. We have over 150 different Student Groups, have a look and see if there’s one for you, or something new you would like to try
  • See our events timetable for what’s on, and start planning your Freshers’ Week!
  • If you need any extra support, get in touch with University Student Services or The SU Advice and Support Centre
  • Upload a photo for your library card (can only be done once you have Registered Online and the University have sent you your Single Sign On details). Make sure you look good, that photo will be with you for years!
  • Plan your trip to campus on Arrivals Weekend (22 and 23 September)

Arrivals Weekend

  • Unpack and meet your new housemates
  • Get your library card from the library. You can speed things up by uploading your photo before you get here
  • Collect your Freshers' Week Wristband from The Tub in The SU (don't forget to bring your new library card!)
  • Apply for an TOTUM card for amazing discounts at a huge range of shops

Once You've Settled In

  • Go to all your inductions!
  • Visit any of the Information Points or check out the website to find out what's going on for the day. Our app will also have an up-to-date timetable of events for you to check. We have loads going on during the day so make sure you don’t miss out, get yourself out of bed and make the most of it!
  • Register with the Medical Centre for your new doctor and dentist
  • Enjoy Freshers' Week!

Contact Us

If you have any questions then feel free to contact us. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we can point you in the direction of someone who can!



Message us on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group


01225 38 3424


Have a look at our campus map and our disabled access guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freshers’ Week?

Freshers’ Week is a week full of activities, events and opportunities to help you settle in and adjust to university life.

The week is organised and run by the University of Bath Students’ Union creating a jam packed week of events where you can see what the University has to offer and have fun doing it. The list of events is huge and with a fully packed timetable there is always something for everyone.

What are the wristbands for?

The wristband gives you access to the entire range of daytime, twilight and evening events throughout Freshers' Week.

This includes the main arena events where you and 2500 other freshers can enjoy a range of fantastic acts.

I’m a postgraduate, what is there for me?

There will be postgraduate exclusive events every evening, which will be ticketed and available to purchase on the day of the event through For more details of postgraduate events as they are released, join our Facebook group.

You can also buy a wristband to attend our other events.

How do I buy a wristband?

Buy your wristband here - Wristbands can ONLY be purchased online through this website. You will only be able to do this once you have Registered Online (ROL) with the university and ticked the box which means you are happy to share your data with the Students' Union. (Once you are fully registered, please wait 2 hours for your account to be activated.) Make sure you buy your wristband early as numbers are limited due to venue capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: Only wristbands bought on this website will gain you entry into the official SU-run events. Be careful of other wristbands on sale from promoters in town which WILL NOT gain you entry into the Freshers' Week 2018 events.

Why can’t I log in to buy my wristband?

You won’t be able to log in until you have Registered Online (ROL) with the University. You will not be able to do this until you have been contacted via email by the University in early September telling you how to register. Once completed, you will need to wait 2 hours and your account will be activated.

How do I register with the University? What is ROL?

To register with the University you have to complete Registration Online (ROL). This is a process that all students have to go through at the start of the year. You will receive an email from the University with details telling you to register and how to do it.

What is The SU Bath?

The SU Bath (our Students’ Union) is a community of students who work together to improve the student experience, whether this means representing our issues, or just providing some personal advice and support. What’s more, the list of opportunities to get involved through sports clubs, societies, volunteering and many more areas is far too vast to mention here. So when you've got the time why not take the chance to explore The SU Bath?

How can I get involved with The SU?

Have a look at our numerous sports clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities for you to get involved in on our website. Want to organise great events? Make sure to stand as a Hall Rep in our upcoming elections which you will learn about during Freshers’ Week! There really is something for everyone.

What support is there available for me?

If you need any support for any reason get in touch with University Student Services or The SU Advice and Support Centre. We also have 8 diversity and support groups you can contact.

We also support the #NeverOK campaign which focuses on empowering people to speak out against sexual harassment: helping promote a culture of respect and safety for all staff and students on campus.

How do I activate my Account?

Once you have completed Registration OnLine (ROL) please wait 2 hours and your account will have been activated.

I’ve lost my wristband, can I get another one?

Unfortunately we cannot replace lost wristbands, however if yours does snap off or break keep hold of the broken wristband and find a captain at one of the information points who can arrange a replacement for you.

Can I have my wristband posted to me?

Wristbands cannot be posted and must be collected in person in The Tub, the campus nightclub in The SU. You will need photo ID to pick up your wristband.

Where do I pick up my wristband?

Wristbands will be available for collection from Saturday 22 to Monday 24 in The Tub, the campus nightclub located in The SU. Check out times that wristband collection will be open for on the Freshers' Week event listing. You will be required to show photographic ID in order to pick up your wristband so why not head to the library first and pick up your library card!

I’m not quite 18 yet; can I still attend Freshers’ Week? Can I still get a wristband?

Of course you can! Just because you are not 18 doesn’t mean you can’t experience all that Freshers' Week has to offer. You can purchase your wristband as normal but when you come to collect it during arrivals weekend you will be issued one which is marked as ‘Under 18’. As you are under 18 you will not be allowed to consume alcohol at any of the Freshers' Week events but you will still have a fantastic time. If your 18th birthday does happen to fall during Freshers' Week your wristband can be exchanged, just come along to one of the information points with your photo ID to get it sorted, we will probably also sing you 'Happy Birthday!'.

What happens if I want to arrive early?

Typically, if you are in University accommodation, your contract will commence on Saturday 22nd September, which is the earliest you can move in. However any students with additional needs who require an earlier move in date can get in touch with accommodation by calling 01225 383111 or emailing

When will I hear back about my accommodation?

If you have an offer conditional on your A-level results and you applied for accommodation before the deadline, your offer will be made from August 16th. If you have not applied for accommodation yet you will have the opportunity to apply to be on a waiting list basis from August 21. More information about this can be found on the university's accommodation web page.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch! You can do this by:

Email -

Facebook - Message us on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group

Phone - 01225 38 3424