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What We Do

Welcome to Bath University’s Global society, Global Scholar. If you are interested in discovering new cultures from across the globe, working/volunteering abroad or simply working for a global organization, this society is for you.

Speaker events

We invite globally significant individuals to come in and speak to students about their experiences in the global sector. Topics are often on global networking, finding a global career path and excelling in a global organizations. Our previous speakers have included global business men and women, international lawyers, MPs with global outlooks and many more global professionals from all sectors. All of our talks benefit students of all subject areas and years.

Cultural nights out/socials

In order to learn about different cultures from around the world, we also hold more informal cultural nights outs. These events offer the opportunity to meet other likeminded students, fascinated by other cultures around the globe. We offer quiz nights, film nights, and collaborations with many different cultural societies. Like our Facebook page to keep updated!

New projects for 2019/20

  • Mentoring programme to learn about other cultures
  • Working with the wider community 
  • Using our social medias to promote global job/volunterring opportunities 
  • Panel discussions with alumni and minority groups

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Reasons to Join Us

Global Scholar will enable you to meet professionals from a variety of fields and allow you to build connections for your future endeavours.

You can broaden your horizons by gaining cultural knowledge about global cultures from across the world in informal and friendly settings.

Membership is free so you will have free access to our exciting global speaker events and socials!



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We have partnered with revolutions for 2019/20 to bring you amazing discounts on food/drink as well as a venue to hold more socials!