Due to health and safety regulations, the sessions need to be reduced to 8 per session, and no more. Therefore a decision must be made as to whether we run 2 sessions (beginner & intermediate) or 3 sessions a week (handicap <18,handicap <36 & complete beginners). However, we can only accommodate this in our budget if we change the annual lesson fee to £30- instead of the current £20. Doing this, there is a greater opportunity for everyone to get lessons, and the lessons would be a lot more specific to your golfing needs. We have decided that it is not up to us, the committee to make this decision, and we invite you to express your preferred idea. Voting will close Saturday.

A resounding 71.4% of you voted for the three sessions a week system, hence this is what shall happen for the rest of this year. The £30 annual fee will be available to purchase in the product section of the website by the end of this week (the 17th November). We are relying on those who have utilised the lessons to pay this fee.