What We Do

Welcome to the Hellenic Society of the University of Bath!

We want to share our Greek culture with you and basically involve you to our chilled and fun lifestyle.

We want to welcome our newest members! The Hellenic Society is here to provide information, help, and support to the new Greek students, and to all of its members, to ensure that they easily adapt to their new life in Bath! You voted us, we support you. 

Let's not forget about our fun events! The Hellenic Soc organises a lot Greek events, such as Greek dinners (traditional greek food), Greek party nights, Greek Holiday events (such as Greek Easter, Tsiknopempti, Carnival, etc), and many many more! 

Reasons to Join Us

  1. Greek Food; join our events where delicious traditional greek food will be served!
  2. GREEK NIGHTS; where every-one will learn how to party GREEK STYLE!!
  3. Open mic Greek-nights
  4. Charity Events

Come and Meet Us

You can always find us outside the Parade bar! This is where all the Greeks hang out.. So whenever you've got some free time, just drop by and feel free to join us!!! 



General Committee Member