What We Do


Welcome to the Bath Hindu Society (HinduSoc), Established to foster faith and culture within our university, the Bath Hindu Society is here to offer you a vibrant and inclusive platform to explore the rich tapestry of Hinduism and embrace diversity on campus. We're not about promoting orthodox beliefs; instead, we celebrate secularity and provide opportunities to learn about various ideologies and religions while forging connections within our community.

Reasons to Join Us

You can be a part of multiple events throughout the calendar year to coincide with and celebrate the major Hindu festivals. These events will be supplemented by youth oriented proactive discussions and relaxed social events such as Bollywood movie nights, ethnic cuisine preparation and various sports! Not only that, we are also looking forward to organise Day Trips to Hindu Temple and Gurudwara in Bristol. 

For regular updates about our events please subscribe and like our Faceboook page and if you need any more details please feel free to contact us directly or through our Instagram handle.

The Committee

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