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What We Do

BATH HKPASS stands for BATH Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service Society. The goal of the society is to raise members’ awareness towards social, economical and political issues primarily in Hong Kong, as well as worldwide issues. We also aim to increase and widen community involvement among the students in both Bath and Hong Kong. If you would like to know more about Hong Kong, this city, come and join us!

Reasons to Join Us

Collaboration with HKPASS in other universities: We regularly join events organised from HKPASS in other universities, for example, forums, quizzes and flagships. These provide chances to connect with other students with similar interests.

Prepare for the future: By participating in various forums and competitions, students will be able to learn more about current issues that are happening around the world. This prepares them to connect to the real world by starting to develop an awareness to public affairs.

Social Service: If you like volunteering, join us for our upcoming services that aim to help both locals in Hong Kong or spreading the culture to locals in Bath!



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