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What We Do

Benvenuti all' Italian Society dell'Univeristà di Bath! Welcome to the Italian society of the University of Bath!

Ciao a tutti and welcome on the university webpage of the Italian Society 2016/2017! 

Our society has been recently created by Italian students in order to unite all students interested in Italian culture and lifestyle. You don't need to be Italian to join our society, as everyone who is interested in having a fun time with us is more than welcome! It is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to improve its Italian or just spend some time being surrounded by loud  Italian-speaking people.

A variety of events are planned for the coming term ranging from fun dinner events in one of the many Italian restaurants you can find in Bath, Italian movie nights, Italian coffee events, Sport events (mainly football matches) to simple socials during which we will bring some Italian flair to Bath’s nightlife.

We are obviously looking forward to meet you all, doesn’t matter if Fresher, Erasmus student or just normal students who want to try something different during their university experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. Also let us now if you have any interesting ideas for events or improvements, as suggestions are always welcome!


A presto! Tanti Saluti!

Your Italian society committee

Reasons to Join Us

  • You want to learn italian? Joining us you will be surrounded by italians and italian speakers and practice your language skills.
  • You like to eat italian? Showing our membership card in various italian restaurants in Bath you will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts! See the discount page for more info and details.
  • You will be able to enjoy all aspects of italian culture and we will try to organise joint events to do this in the best way.

Find Out More

Also join the facebook group to be always updated on news and upcoming events.

For any other questions send an email to




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