It Happens Here is a student led movement to raise awarness around sexual violence. We are dedicated using our platform to talk about sexual violence and its impact, with the goal to ignite change on campus and make it a safer community for all. 

Join us and get involved in our movement to make lasting change!


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We believe that knowledge is power, and awareness is the first step toward change.

Our society is committed to:

1. Education: We aim to shatter myths and dispel misconceptions surrounding sexual violence. Through informative workshops and discussions, we equip our members with the knowledge and tools to raise awarness for sexual violence effectively.

2. Advocacy: We advocate for policy changes, support services, and campus initiatives that prioritize the prevention of sexual violence and the protection of survivors.

3. Awareness: We use creative and innovative methods to raise awareness about sexual violence within our campus and beyond. Through campaigns and events, we strive to spark conversations and inspire action.


Join It Happens Here: 

Whether you are a survivor, an ally, or someone passionate about making a difference, It Happens Here welcomes you. Join us in our journey to raise awareness, challenge harmful norms, and create a safer, more compassionate campus for all. Your voice is powerful, and together, we can make lasting change on campus.

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