Who We Are and What We Do

J-Soc is here for anyone who's interested in Japanese culture; whether you're a Japanese, mixed-Japanese or non-Japanese student, you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome here! 

We are foremost a community that wants to meet new people, share interests and just have a good time :) If you’re interested, please come join us or email us!

Reasons to Join Us

"I love the food!" "I look up to the culture!" "I like that anime!" "I wish I could speak Japanese!" "I miss home!" "I want to be part of something!",...  whatever the reason, this is the society to be part of

We will host a variety of events so everyone can find a place they feel comfortable in; and there's no commitment at all, just show up whenever you feel like it - you will always be greeted with a nice "yokoso" (welcome)!


We are going to organise many kinds of events and activities throughout the year; nomikai, karaoke socials, sushi dinners out, anime evenings, and opportunities to conversate in Japanese with like-minded friends! We are motivated stronger than ever to share a good dose of Japanese culture with you.

Our activities will include:

  • Nomikai: The classic and traditional drinking parties, we will try and host them once or twice a month, but there will never be any pressure to drink alcohol so everyone is welcome! 
  • Karaoke Social: Another classic and fun social! Oh, and lip-syncing is allowed - as long as the performance remains priceless ;)
  • Japanese Food Night: We're lucky enough to get support from local restaurants who will always keep a table for our society!
    • Sushi Dinner Out: Sushis come in a wide range of options, so even vegan bellies will have something to satisfy them!
    • Curry Night: Japanese-style curry is very unique from any others. It is great for having but also cooking by ourselves, so we will organise cooking sessions to make it together!
  • Anime / Film Night: The type of event that will surely be super successful! Join us to watch animes with like-minded people and have company to cry over that one scene with you ;)
  • Japanese Conversation Sessions: This is your opportunity to make your Japanese shine! Some of our committee members can speak Japanese fluently, so we will offer opportunities so that we all get to practice this beautiful language! 
  • Seasonal Socials for Festivities: We will organise special socials for every main “festivity” (e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Sports Day) that will unite British and Japanese cultures! We will collaborate with other societies, even people from other universities, so these socials will be larger and more exciting. These can include Japanese food workshops and movie nights, so be prepared for some fun nights! 

Sponsors and Discounts

As members of the Japanese society, you will be able to benefit from discounts on restaurants in Bath with our member card:

Bath Sushi - 10% off by card, 20% off by cash: bathsushi.co.uk
Sugarcane Studio - 10% offsugarcanestudio.co.uk
Budo - 10% offbudobath.co.uk



General Committee Member


Find Out More

Instagram Page: instagram.com/bathjapanesesociety/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/University-of- Bath-Japanese-Society/341883302655100

Facebook Private Group: facebook.com/groups/bathjapsoc/

Private WhatApp Community: You will be invited after purchasing the membership. If you haven't got the link, please email to su-japanesesoc@bath.ac.uk.

We will always post updates on our social media, so make sure to keep an eye on there! For those of you who don't have social media, there will also be information on the "Events" category somewhere on the left of this page :) 

And if you have any questions, you can also get in touch by sending an email to su-japanesesoc@bath.ac.uk