What we do

Want to give Judo a try for the first time? Picking up something you did as a youngster? Or train regularly and are looking to join and continue training whilst at university? Our student Judo club has something to offer for all levels - with connections to the TeamBath high performance Judo squad, our student Judo players range from complete beginners, to black belts and even Olympians!

We offer the opportunity to train recreationally as a way of keeping fit, learning a new skill and giving you an excuse to attend some of the messiest socials. We offer the chance to be part of a University team and compete at several competitions throughout the year - there are competitions to suit all levels of ability to get involved with.

Whatever you could possibly want out of a student Judo club, we do it, and if we don't... we will!

Reasons to join us

Judo is for EVERYONE! Regardless of your age, your size or your gender, Judo is for you!

You can do it recreationally or take it to a more competitive level; there is a chance for everyone to do it at a pace which suits them the most. This includes people who have never tried Judo before all the way up to Black Belts!

We go to loads of competitions that vary in skill level, with the highlight of the year being the BUCS championships.

If you are looking for a way to meet new friends, be active and learn a martial art, come along to one of our training sessions!

Come & meet us

Interested in joining us? Contact us at su-judo@bath.ac.uk to find out which sessions will be best for your level.

Training times

Wednesday                                     16:00-17:30            

Saturday                                         17:30-19:00

You can find us in the dojo, located in the STV!


Committee members

Chair: Roxy Proctor (rp946@bath.ac.uk)

Treasurer: Sidney Tancock (sjt83@bath.ac.uk)

Committee members: Cameron Charles (cjc223@bath.ac.uk) 

George Kroussaniotakis (gk553@bath.ac.uk)