Inclusivity Award

The Inclusivity Award is awarded by the Students’ Union to student groups who have shown a commitment to ensuring all students, no matter their background, are welcomed and able to join in their activities.

The University of Bath Sanda Kickboxing Club has proudly achieved the Inclusivity Award in 2017 and 2018, and we will be working hard to ensure this success continues into 2021.

If you think there is anything that we could be doing better as a club to remove barriers and improve inclusivity at training, socials and events please let our Welfare and Inclusivity Officer know.

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer 2021/22: Yasmin Stone -

Improving inclusivity

The University of Bath Sanda Kickboxing Club is always working hard to improve involvement for all students in the club’s activities. Below are some of our successes from the last year:      

  • Womens Sessions: Every week the Women’s Captain runs a Womens’ session, which is open to everyone who identifies as female. Other sessions are open to all members.
  • Non-drinking socials: Whilst all socials have a non-alcoholic participation option, the club hosted several non-drinking socials including: ice-skating, a Christmas meal, post grading meals and a trip to the cinema.
  • NUKES: We recently saw the launch of a new competition organised by the University of Bath Sanda Kickboxing Club in the STV. This event was FREE to all members and had an emphasis on introducing beginners to competitive sparring in a relaxed environment.
  • This Girl Can Session: As part of the national This Girl Can and Bath SU campaigns, the club put on a free session for all female students to attend, to give them a taste of kickboxing.
  • Postgraduate Taster Session: In Freshers’ Week we provided a postgraduate-only taster session in order to help to continue to diversify our range of members.
  • Subsidising Leeds: Annually the club participates in the University Kickboxing Championships in Leeds.Costs are always subsidised to provide affordable accommodation and transport.