What We Do

We promote Korean culture by offering various opportunities for students to encounter Korean culture, which includes Korean language teaching and food-tasting sessions.

We also improve international interactions with other cultural societies by having joint events and participating in each other’s events, which will enhance the relationships between different societies. Finally, we act as a solid communication platform for all members, including students of non-Korean origins and the alumni, and interacting with other Korean societies in the universities based in the UK as well by holding and being engaged in various sports activities together.

Reasons to Join Us

Bath University Korean Society exists to provide opportunity for students to visualise and experience Korean culture in various aspects. We do this by offering various activities and events for both Korean and non-Korean students. We strive to be the social hub in connecting and uniting all members of the society, as well as other cultural societies, including Asian and non-Asian. We have various events planned, such as Korean Language Classes, K-pop Party, Contemporary and Traditional Korean Dance, and more. Come and join us!