What We Do

LitSoc is the home to all things literary! Hailing from one of the most literary cities in the UK, we aim to provide all book-lovers with opportunities to discuss and recommend books and meet like-minded bookworms and writers!

From Blind Book dates to slam poetry sessions, we hope to provide you a welcoming space whether you're just getting back into reading or are already an avid reader.

Why join?

  •  Gives you the chance to express your passion for literature and writing!

  •  Meet new like-minded people and make new friends through our book swap events!

  •  Gain confidence in speaking and expressing your opinions in a friendly and safe space

  •  Gives you exposure to new books, authors and genres and allows you to share your favourites with others!

  •  Participate in our social (and literary) outings, including book to film nights, group meals, cafe socials and many more to come!

  •  We have some exciting trips planned for this year, such as a day trip to London and the Globe and of course, the Jane Austen centre, right here in the heart of Bath <3

  •  15% discount in Bath's loveliest independent book store, Mr B's Reading Emporium!

Come and Meet Us

This year, we are holding weekly Creative Writing Workshops as a friendly space to develop and share your work with other writers with anonymous submissions! These sessions might include slam poetry, spoof pieces and maybe even writing for BathTimes, the student newspaper, itself!

 The Monthly Book Club will involve a poll to decide the book of the month and the location of the book club may change every month from Toppings, a bookstore in Bath, to a cafe meetup. So, keep and eye out on our insta for more details!

 Throughout the year, we will also be hosting many bookish events, such Blind Date with a Book, an exciting book crawl around Bath, Goodreads competitions and many more to come!

 For more details about our workshops or the society, ask a member of the committee! We'd love to see you there! If you have any questions, send your emails to su-litsoc@bath.ac.uk or send us a dm on insta @bathunilitsoc!



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