What We Do

LitSoc is the home to all things literary! Hailing from one of the most literary cities in the UK, we aim to provide all book-lovers with a space to discuss and recommend books and meet like-minded bookworms!

As well as our discussions, we also provide our members with literary socials, including theatre trips and visits to fabulous local bookstores, movie nights and much more so that you can get the most out of your stay in this amazing city.

Furthermore, we offer access to our own Lending Library, including tons of books from our own members for you to read AND an amazing 15% discount at Bath's dopest book store, Mr B's Reading Emporium!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Gives you the chance to express your passion for literature!
  • Meet new like-minded people and make new friends!
  • Help with presentation and debate skills!
  • Gives you exposure to new books, authors and genres and allows you to share your favourites with others!
  • Participate in our social (and literary) outings, including literature festivals, awesome boookshop visits, movie nights (even if the book was probably better), group meals and much more!
  • Gain access to the LitSoc Lending Library. A collection of our members' books you can borrow any book from, or even add your own!
  • 15% discount in Bath's finest bookshop, Mr B's Reading Emporium!

Come and Meet Us

This year we have two sets of workshops every week. Mondays we have Discussion Workshops where we talk about anything literature including books, genres, authors and everything in between, from 6:15pm in Chancellors Building 3.11. Thursdays we have our Creative Writing Workshops, again at 6:15 in Chancellors Building 3.11. For more details about our workshops or the society, see our Instagram (@bathunilitsoc) or ask a member of committee! We'd love to see you there!

If you have any questions, send your emails to su-litsoc@bath.ac.uk!



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