Namaskaram! Sugham aano?

What We Do

Welcome to the Malayalee Society's official page. We are one of the new cultural societies on campus and together we celebrate the festivals and traditions across Kerala. This year, we hope to offer you a culturally enriching year through social events such as Kerala Piravi, movie nights, Vishu and many more! We hope to collaborate with other cultural and social societies to give you an enriching university experience. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Reasons to Join Us

As a society we aim to create a space for students from Kerala and around the world to come together and meet others of similar backgrounds to feel more at home. We hope to share common and lesser-known traditions with society as a whole and bring attention to the rich culture of South India. We will do this through various activities where we celebrate festivals and share our food. We do this to ensure those from Kerala have a taste of home here at Bath, share our culture and traditions with others and show what Malayalee tradition has to offer.

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