*Please note - currently, there is no Committee for the Mature Students Group - memberships can still be 'purchased' (for free) to enable any interested student to run in an election to be on the committee.*

Go to https://www.thesubath.com/elections to run in an election.

What we do


We represent you to the SU and the university, as well as to the NUS on a national level - please come to us with any feedback, difficulties, opinions etc, and we can make sure that you are heard and that mature students are not forgotten(!).


We offer social events and meet ups where you can come along and spend time with other mature students. We offer both daytime and evening events, as we know everyone has different commitments outside of studying. See below for further details on regular and future events.

You can come along to as many or as few events as you like - you will always be very welcome regardless. You can also contact us for representation even if you've never been to a social.