A Night at Metripolis with George Fitzgerald

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A Night at Metripolis with George Fitzgerald

The legendary club of Moles, has – for some time now – built up a reputation, for attracting global DJs to this unique, intimate environment, in the small town of Bath. Nothing captures the essence of this more, than its House and Techno night, Metripolis. As the new academic year commences, we were invited to experience the first of many Metripolis nights.

On Friday 29th September, the nights founder and active DJ, Tom Maddicott, invited down London based DJ, producer and record label owner George Fitzgerald to christen the first event of the year. Upon entry, revellers were welcomed to an open floor, with a collage of posters plastered on the wall, reminding all those in attendance of past, present and upcoming acts and DJs. In addition, attendees were invited to select from an array of drink choices, or simply, take a breather on the couches, for a more relaxed ambience.

Taking a trip downstairs, following the bass, step by step as the music grew louder, is where the heart of the night was found! Warming up the night, Maddicott was found playing upbeat melodic sounds, including Camelphat and Elderbook’s ‘Cola’ - which was enlisted ‘DJ Awards for Track of the Season 2017’ - to prepare us for Fitzgerald.

With a smooth transition into the sounds of George Fitzgerald, the night truly took off. Feeding off the vibe of the crowd, Fitzgerald began to increase the BPM, building up the energy and atmosphere of the room. Playing into the early hours of the morning, the vibe continued to grow amongst the crowd of young, local students and residents, who gave Fitzgerald a warm reception during and after his set.

Leading us on to the upcoming night of Metripolis - where Jackathon party and label owner Heidi, will grace the decks – but this time, University Radio Bath will be supporting the night, where our DJ Kemba has been invited to open the evening for this Canadian born star!

If you’d like to get involved in this new collaboration between URB and Metripolis, where there will be opportunities to review and interview, then please contact music@uniradiobath.com or marketing@uniradiobath.com, where you can also find out how to buy tickets from your local Metripolis rep.

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