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Meet the URB Team

At URB, we have a dedicated and enthusiastic committee who make sure that our university has a student radio station worth listening to, and worth getting involved with. The roles and responsibilities our team has ranges from making sure our station is producing high quality content to dedicated teams choosing the music that goes on air.

So here is the URB Committee of 2017/18.

Liam Bridge: Station Manager

Liam is our station manager, and is responsible for managing the station and making sure everything is running smoothly. His responsibilities include co-ordinating the committee, communicating with important external sources and leading URB when organising large events such as Fresher's Week. He is also the main contact and representative of URB when in contact with the Student's Union and the Media Exec, making sure URB's voice is heard. Contact him at

Elliott Martin: Programme Controller

Elliott is our programme controller at URB. His job is to control and moderate what goes on air at URB, and to make sure the station is playing high quality content and keep URB's reputation as an award winning student radio station intact. He also schedules the shows URB has to offer, and liaises with presenters and DJ's to inform them of their show times. Other than dedicating his spare time to URB, his favourite band is (still) Sum 41 , he has an unhealthy obsession with Tottenham Hotspur, and has also been nominated for an SRA Award. Contact him at

Jack Kitchen: Executive Producer

Jack is URB's executive producer. His job is to ensure that URB sustains a high level of non musical output in areas such as Art, Current Affairs, Sport and popular culture. As his job title suggests, he also helps to train producers on how to produce pieces of non musical output. He also acts as the Executive producer for URB’s flag ship output, ensuring that our flagship programming is accessible for all and is keeping up with URB's high standard. Fun fact about Jack - it took him seven times to pass his driving test; seventh time the charm. Contact him at

Nakeitha Delanancy: Head of Advertising and Marketing

Hi, my name is Nakeitha (Niks) and I am a final year Sociology with Management student. I have recently returned from a 13 month marketing placement at Microsoft, and I am now the current Head of Marketing and Advertising at Uni Radio Bath. In 2015 I was the Head of Station Sound. So what does my role entail? To summarise, I am solely responsible for managing all aspects of URB’s marketing including: all social media handles, channels, digital and online platforms, to design, drive and land and campaigns, coordinating and sourcing partnerships with local businesses, and driving URB led events and on-campus presence. This year, we have so many exciting, new, initiatives already in the pipeline, it would be great to get some marketing guru’s together across various times of the Radio calendar. From visual designers, to social media savvy individuals, to those wanting more experience in managing events, just drop me an email at, and feel free to ask me anything!

Alex Kember: Head of Station Sound

Alex is our Head of Station Sound. He is responsible for creating URB's on-air brand and making sure the sound the station is presenting is of high quality and establishes URB as a professional brand. He also co-ordinates the making of all Station Idents, trails and promos and co-ordinates the making of all commercial adverts on request by The Head of Advertising. He is also involved with the creation of adverts for SU groups and services and controls the Advert Schedule on URB. His claim to fame was that he was the youngest person in the world - for about 15 seconds. Also, did you know that Kember is a DJ? Contact him at

Alex McColl: Head of Training

Alex is URB's Head of Training. If you want to get involved with URB and need training to get yourself comfortable with the software and equipment we have, then Alex is your man. He is in charge of training our presenters and our Roadshow DJ's, and creates training schedules ensuring everyone joining URB can be fully trained as soon as possible. He also works with the Programme Controller with marking demos for new presenters, making sure that the training they have received is satisfactory. Contact him at

Marlon Gasparotto: Head of DJ's

Marlon is URB's Head of DJ's. He is responsible for running URB's very own roadshows and also helps run events in co-ordination with other societies and the SU. He is also in charge of organising URB's infamous Fresher's event "URPres" which offers DJ's at URB the opportunity to perform to new audiences and to improve their skills. Marlon is also a DJ in his spare time going by the name 'MarleyJ'; you'll probably see him at a club night near you skanking to the latest club tunes. Contact him at

Ryan Arnold: Head of Music

Ryan is the Head of Music at URB. His job is to select the music that goes on our airwaves with the help of his Music Team (which you can get involved with!). His responsibilities include leading a team of reviewers and chairing playlist meetings. He also must ensure good relations with record labels and promotions companies and must seek out music for competitions with Marketing. He also organises band interviews/gig reviews for URB Members, ensuring our media content is fresh and exciting. Contact him at

Will Kaye: Treasurer/Flagship Show Co-ordinator

Will is URB's Treasurer. His job is to control the finances for URB, and to make sure we are running the station cost effectively. His secondary role is as a secretary, with this job meaning he must take minutes in URB committee meetings and also contacts members on upcoming projects and taster sessions. Will is also URB's Flagship Co-Ordinator, where is organises and with our programme controller runs our flagship programmes, Morning Glory and Afternoon Delight. If you want toWhen off duty for URB, Will is famed for his ability to do pretty much any accent - except Northern Irish, he is yet to master that. Contact him at

Mitch Thorngate: Head of Online Media

Mitch is URB's Head of Online Media. He is in charge of the technical side of URB Online (the website) and is responsible for web based marketing working closely with the Head of Advertising/Marketing. He is also responsible for the bathstudent page of URB, as well as monitoring our social media and making sure our listeners and members are being listened to. Mitch is also a keen competitive eater, once trying to eat 24 chicken wings during a URB Committee Meeting: sadly for him, he failed miserably but got a free t-shirt for his "effort". Contact him at

Max Morley: Head of IT

Max is our Head of IT. He is in charge of URB's computer network and making sure everything is operational, which makes us broadcast live. He is also responsible for maintaining the URB Non-Stop service, making sure URB is continuously broadcasting music for our listeners. He is also responsible for any other IT related business, such as website development and app development. Max is a CompSci student, and is known for not being able to say the word 'microwave' properly.

Tom Vine: Head of Engineering

Tom is our Head of Engineering. His job is to ensure that all equipment URB owns is functional, and that all systems at URB are ready to go. He also works with our Programme Controller to make sure that all of our content we broadcast is logged and saved for future usage. He is here to make sure URB is still ticking. Tom also works with URB and our AdMarketing team to create visuals for our shows and competitions. He also DJ's with URB, and recently performed at the infamous URPres during Fresher's Week 2017.

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