URB's Guide to Freshers Week '18

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Finally, Fresher’s Week is just a few days away! It's an exciting start of the university promising plenty of new friendships and fun adventures. But while you’re still at home deciding on what to pack let this URB guide to Fresher’s Week already take you there!

Monday, September 24th:

  • Start your week off with getting to know some fellow freshers while exploring the beautiful Bath with a City Walk organized by your hall’s Captains.
  • Get excited to wear your hall’s colours and show off your dance moves to The Chip Shop Boys at the first night in the big Arena. The Chip Shop Boys are one of the UK’s leading rock and pop covers band guaranteeing a fun night. Their set includes a light show and a DJ to keep you dancing without stopping. The DJ is also happy to take requests!


Tuesday, September 25th:

  • Bring your new friends and head to the Tent for Acoustic Vibes. The Music Soc will make sure you have a nice and relaxing afternoon with some good music.
  • Have a fun and colourful night at the Circus Arena Night. You will have a chance to check out Eliza & the Bear who are releasing their latest album in November. For the headline act we have the four-time Brit Awards nominees Scouting for Girls whose upbeat rhythms are set to get you moving!
  • Alternatively, join a favourite of many – a Silent Disco party at The Tub. With 2 DJs playing you can tailor your night to be exactly what you want!

Wednesday, September 26th:

  • Make sure to check out the Parade where the SU Sports Day will be held. Our University has over 40 different sports clubs and perhaps you will find an unlikely interest!
  • Go back in time and dress in your hall’s decade! In the main arena DJ Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1, known to have a good eye for new talent, will make sure to entertain you with both fresh new music as well as some classics. Also on Wednesday prepare not to miss Propaganda!
  • If you’re looking to fulfil your guilty music pleasures you can also head to the Tub to sing along to the Cheesy Disco – always a guaranteed fun night.

Thursday, September 27th:

  • Have a lovely start of your Thursday with the Skyline Walk overlooking the beautiful Bath.
  • Find the Claverton Rooms for the Open Mic Night to have a try at performing or maybe just enjoy the live music from your fellow students.
  • Go crazy at the Neon & Glitter Night in the big Arena. The more colourful and brighter the better! You are set to have an exciting night with the legendary house music advocates Ministry of Sound hosting the night.
  • There will also be a Motown Night at the Tub promising all your favourites!

Friday, September 28th:

  • Start off your perfect Friday night with having a good laugh at the Comedy Night at Claverton Rooms. The event will be headlined by Tom Lucy who is one of the youngest successful comedians in the world.
  • Dress up as either a superhero or a villain for a proper Friday night at the Arena. The BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James will make sure you dance till you drop with upbeat and fun tunes!

Saturday, Septemeber 29th:

  • Find 2E 3.1 to watch the Shape of Water which received 13 nominations at the 90th Academy Awards. It won four, including the best picture.
  • Grab your bedsheets, make a Toga and head to the Arena to finish off the fun-filled week with the the classic Fresher’s Toga Night. Beat a Maxx will be in charge of your night. As one of the pioneering audio visual DJ’s the night is promised to be unforgettable!
  • The Tub will also be hosting this year’s first of the classic Saturday nights – Klass!


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