Please email su-minervas@bath.ac.uk if you are interested in this role! You do not have to have previously been involved with the group to apply!

What We Do

Bath Minervas is a leadership and volunteering group focused on empowering othersthrough collaboration and service.  As well as tackling issues that particularly affect women such as domestic violence and sexual objectification, our group provides an opportunity for students at the University of Bath to come together as strong leaders and dedicate their time to helping others.

We'll be running meetings to discuss important issues and share stories, all whilst eating pizza or decorating cakes. We hope to create a safe space on campus where people can have a voice and talk about things that matter to them. We're passionate about raising awareness and cutting the stigma about mental health and abuse.

We're open to any ideas that YOU have for socials and fundraising. We are partnered with Bath's independent charity, VOICES. VOICES provides peer support and recovery programmes specifically for women who are experiencing or have experienced Domestic Abuse. 

Reasons to Join Us

As a University of Bath student, joining the Bath Minervas is an excellent opportunity to engage in the local city community while supporting a worthy cause. We want to help open and make public the once taboo discussion of domestic abuse and people at risk, particularly women. You can help support women and provide beneficial resources to the VOICES organisation through your membership. We also enjoy creating a community within our group through meetings, projects, and social events. Finally, there are exciting opportunities for your leadership within our volunteering group. 

There is no membership fee, but any donations to Minervas or VOICES is welcome. Whilst you're here, please have a look and donate using our online page. All money will go towards VOICES,into either the development of their digital presence (incl. training and awareness raising) or their new Hardship Fund, supporting women with some essential needs that are not met from other sources - these might be children's furniture or clothing, travel costs to attend court, or small educational or training costs for women trying to upskill or return to work:




1st March 8am - 1st September 8pm
Library, 10W, CB Level 1, the SU
Minervas has launched a campaign to alleviate period poverty in Bath. From 1st March, there will be red boxes around campus for you to donate santitary products to, which will then be distributed to charities that help women in need.
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Chair: We are still looking for a Chair! Please email su-minervas@bath.ac.uk if you are interested in this role!
Secretary: Meg Crossman
Treasurer: Merve Aksoy
Contact Us
su-minervas@bath.ac.uk for all enquiries.