MusicSoc are the primary users of an Amplified Practice Room located two floors up in The Edge building and run by The Edge Arts. Check the MusicSoc Facebook group or contact the MusicSoc committee for information on how to book this room.

We offer the following practice equipment:

- Drum kit including breakables

- Guitar amps (Marshall, Fender and Vox)

- Bass amp

- Keyboard, piano

- Microphones and stands

- PA speakers and mixing desk

- Extension leads, power leads and XLR leads

The Edge Arts may also stock some practice equipment in the room. Please ask The Edge Arts for more information about what equipment can and cannot be used during band practices.

WARNING: MusicSoc equipment is NOT to be removed from the Amp Room under any circumstances, without express permission from the committee. Anyone caught moving equipment may be banned from using the room or equipment. We also ask that you leave the room tidy, as falling over cables and jumping over amps is not enjoyable.