MusicSoc are the primary users of the amp room on the second floor of the Edge building. This room contains practice equipment our members can use to rehease and get ready for that next big gig!

We offer the following practice equipment:

  • - Drum kit including breakables
  • - Guitar amps (Marshall, Fender and Vox)
  • - Bass amp
  • - Keyboard, piano
  • - Microphones and stands
  • - PA speakers and mixing desk
  • - Extension leads, power leads and XLR leads


  1. We ONLY deal with the amp room. For all other rooms in the Edge please DO NOT contact MusicSoc, instead contact the Edge directly. 
  2. DO NOT remove MusicSoc equipment from the Amp Room under any circumstances without express permission from the committee. Anyone caught moving equipment will be banned from using the room, the equipment or performing at future events.
  3. Leave the room tidy. Falling over cables and jumping over amps kinda sucks and has a tendency of really irritating the committee.
  4. Please be friendly to our bandroom manager, you're not the only one asking him questions (in fact you may be 1 of about 100). We won't take kindly to an upset bandroom manager and you probably won't end up getting the booking.
  5. You're not alone! We kindly ask members not to be a "bandroom hog" and book up loads of slots for your band. 2h/week is fine but any more will stop other bands from being able to use the practice space due to the extremely high demand. Oh, and we'll just remove your slots.
  6. Anyone caught flipping the kick drum around and using the nice printed skin with the kick pedal will have the kick pedal mounted under their chin and their teeth used as a kick drum at the next gig. (Ok the SU probably wouldn't allow this, but you get the idea: if it's broken DON'T USE IT)

Amp room booking is available to members upon request or via the society WhatsApp chat.